Tuesday, October 13, 2009

let's not dwell in the past......

I hardly know where to begin... so let's just start her up. I took the little shop on the road to Edmonton. We attended the Creative Stitching Alive and Scrapbook Carnival. Well something like that. Whoever came up with that catchy title should be flogged with a pack of brads. Honestly, who thinks up these things, especially the alive bit. Anyway I'll move on, the little shop and all its ribbon and bits piled into the Kia and away we went. It was the best weekend in my shopkeeping career thus far. If you see Kim, Krissy and Lizzy go on up and kiss them full on the mouth because they were the reason I was able to do it.

Let's start a new paragraph and I'll tell you about the show. It was big and I was woefully unprepared to roll with the pro's. Arriving there I said to myself "self, this is going to require focus and my self said "we're not noted for our focus". God knows what people thought of me, I was a like a Walmart greeter on Red Bull and sweet tarts. I didn't just meet the people, I went after them. I was compelled to press the flesh and to give lean-in hugs. But I LOVED it! I loved, loved all the people. It's an incredible feeling to be surrounded by hundreds of people who love this art form. I hope I was able to impart my passion for the products I sell and my genuine interest in people's project's and ideas. This all sounds a bit dodgy and revival like but I tell you it was very groovy. And in the end, I made some money, met some really nice people and I'm sure scared the shit out of a fair number of folks.

You know what? I've got to go and so soon too - sorry but I'll be back - soon. Miss Regularity is my new middle name or my only pageant title. Pick your favorite and think of me often. Before I go....classes start Oct 22nd and the Oct card challenge is out. Email me for all the exciting details. Please keep in mind that unfortunately classes will not be televised and challenge prizes are small (in comparison to say Wheel of Fortune prizes) but if your still interested mail me at