Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be Brave - Be Bold - Be Kind

Good afternoon my beauties. It is breathtaking here in sunny Alberta. The snow is deep and a shade of white that isn't found in your colour box, it hurts your eyes to look. Everything appears like a picture card. This is what they came for - the people who came west - the endless grey sky and land that seems to go on forever. Then they got out of their covered wagon and froze their pioneer asses off. Cold, cold, cold - thirty below zero.

Sunday I went to the Christmas Farmer's Market. Despite the wintery conditions I stuck my lily-white face out the door and prepared to meet the people. I had a grand time. Of course, I had to compete with the knitted barbie toilet paper holders and all the precious grey haired ladies. What will become of all those groovey items that are created from non-natural fiber. I don't want to buy them but I don't want them to disappear. People who can knit a handy tote from plastic grocery bags are probably good to have around.

Anyway I could talk about my passion for senior crafters forever but the show must go on. I had a great sale. My table was back to back with the enthusiastic lady selling knives. I was afeared most of the afternoon. Her carrot demonstrations were practically animated. She sold me a completely unless $19 item on the promise it would sharpen my scissors. I thought she was telling the truth. She was wearing an apron and looked as sharp as her knives. Well the moral of this wee tale - opportunities for disappointment are everywhere and they cost $19.

Much later......

Well, it is almost Christmas. I'm almost ready. I have almost all of the gifts bought and wrapped. I'm almost relaxed. I'll wrap up this post and take a wee break over the holiday. During which - I have to figure out how to be a more consistent blogger. I think about writing and the blog all the time. Fear keeps me from posting projects, I must work on that too. I also have to be brave enough to put things in my etsy store. I must be a better businesswoman and strive to be a bit more organized. I don't think I can express how much this little school project means to me and how many ideas I have but first things first. So come on, gather up your fears and put them in airtight container, we'll head somewhere where you can leave that bundle. Everyone hold my hand and let's make our way through the turney bits.

Here are some tags I made. My lovely, practically famous friend Karen photoed them.