Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Complusions

Hello precious ones. Well, I'm here. I've been here all along. Thoughts surrounding this blog take up a generous piece of my cerebral cortex. We will have to see if all that thinking can produce a bit of good, clean, award-winning fun.

So - welcome to the 2010 version of your life. Are we setting little creative goals?? Are we practicing the principles of gratitude?? Are we taking care of our monkeys?? I should delete the monkey bit, but not right now. You may notice, over the next while, this blog becoming more personal- don't be alarmed or fear for my safety, it's all part of my plot to take over the world. You probably noticed it took longer than anticipated to return to this little spot. I was trying to allow myself some time to think and act upon projects I have for the store, the blog and my own creative pursuits. Well, to be completely honest I also spent quite a bit of time napping. How, oh how to fit everything in - family, homeschooling, friends, the store, the blog, the house duties, and my own desire to create and work on all the ideas I have. Sometimes it all seems so attainable - dancing around, just out of my reach. But for the most part it feels like an impossible task - like filling the ice-cube tray in hell. Nonetheless it is an amazing, beautiful struggle. I love every part of every part of my life. I even love the fact that I'm so disorganized - it allows me to make at least 10 very pleasant discoveries almost everyday of my life.

Enough of that. This is later - days later. We are in the car, driving speedy quick down the highway. I think I'll just post this and start something new. I have to get over this first blog of the year trepidation. Maybe I'll look for a picture. Hang on - I think I've got a recent photo

cheers, Bev