Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's nothing like bringing in the herd.......

Yesterday was a busy day at the shop. I had customers. I was going to say how many but I don't want to startle potential sponsors. I sold some of my favorite paper and embellishments. God, you have no idea how much I wanted to rip it out of their hands and say, "This is a GALLERY - items are not permitted to leave the premises. It's a little problem I'm working on..... and let's leave that be.

On occasion (daily) random things come out of mouth. For the most part I don't even know they're coming. They are not necessarily untrue.....just unknown to me until that moment. Sometimes, like yesterday, they come out as paragraphs. I spilled out an astounding amount of information on up coming classes. Suddenly out it came, a self-contained verbal unit, I'm always as surprised as the recipient and try to make my facial expressions to match the out coming announcement. So.... apparently I'm having drop in classes this fall. I'm a bit fuzzy on the 15 minutes of detail my brain gave out but what I remember sounds grand. Stay tuned for details.

Other news...... We moved cattle last night to their fall pasture. The kids on the quad, me in the Kia and my husband on horseback. He wore his spurs. Pitiful really, like wearing a condom to a family reunion....completely unnecessary. Sorry that was just dirty talk, I'll try to keep that kind of thing in check. I forgot my camera so just close your eyes and imagine it.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Sense An Excuse Coming On......

I could say I'm sorry but that would be redundant so let's just begin again. But where do you begin, not at the beginning that's too early. Let's just join the story already in progress. I'm telling you it's a wonder I can walk and talk at all. Yesterday I went to perhaps the 3rd happiness place on earth. ANTROPOLOGIE. When you enter the store you are enveloped in this womanly goodness - you feel all sexy - it's very cool. Everything is quite dear but when you're there it all seems rather reasonable. Before I knew it I had purchased a huge carpet bag and a pair of pants and I walked out a changed girl.

But I digress, this tale is about Black Ink. Anyway you get almost the same feeling when you enter my store - Antropologie Lite - potent but not as expensive. I have been putting out lots of new papers. October Afternoon and their lovely "Ducks in a Row," "Cherry Hill" and "Detours." All these lines have yummy embellishments and accessories. I love October Afternoon paper, it's very clean just like your Aunt Blanche's kitchen. As my husband does not do computers, I'll reveal that I've ordered the brand new OA. It's just lickable. The fall line-up also includes some Basic Grey, MME, Pink Pasiliee, Making Memories and Cosmo Cricket. It's almost more than I can take.

I'm going to post this now as something odd is happening and my autosave has failed. But I'll be back soon......


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let Me Explain......

This paragraph is for my 1 dear follower. Loyal little soul, do you wonder where have I been? This blog thing is quite hard. I must say, I now have great respect for the daily blogger- pounding out posts, taking and loading pictures, giving tutorials - perhaps I'm on the wrong medications. I kid you. I just have to find blog time and I'm certain I will. I pledge to you my 1 dear follower I'll be with you more often.

Now for the rest of you chicks......when I last left you I was headed to the Farmer's Market. Well I went and it was a grand day. My gorgeous city friend and her husband showed up. We visited, laughed and partook in (as my mother would say) quite a bit of foolishness. I think our behavior must have been quite contagious because the other vendors loosened up and the whole market took on a tail-gate party kind of feel. I had an OK day, sales wise, I did have a few mercy buys - people coming and buying something just so they could see what the hell was going on down at my table. After the FM, my friends came to our farm and we spent the rest of the day and evening crafting, reading mags, napping and eating. It was one of those lovely days that stay crystal clear in your memory for a long time.

The shop has been perking along. I now (if you don't mind) am going to be seen advertising in 2 magazines. Mind you it will be in the mags directories, not a quarter page spread or anything. But still, a big deal for my ego. Also, I have finally ordered my signs. I know what you saying, how can one possibly have a shop and have it in no way identified. Well you can but it probably won't prove to be a brilliant sales booster. That's all in the past now kids -I'm going to have 4 signs - I imagine it will look like an election campaign, my signs in your face everywhere you go.

I must go and feed the farm. I will post this later this evening. here are a couple of pics from the store.