Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Room with a View

Great book and great descriptive of my presents circumstances. I, along with the rest of my unit, remain confined to the homestead. THE FLU, that's what we've got. I'm not even going to talk about it. People who want to talk about their sore-throats and about being down with the flu haven't really had THE FLU they've had some lower-case version. People who have had THE FLU do not want to talk about it - they just want to praise Allah and vow to be a better person.

This will be a short and insignificant post. The shop has been busy and I feel like I have main-lined Martha. I have the most incredible urge to create and not just with paper. I want to make checker-board cookies and a wreath and god forbid..... I even want a little tinsel. I swear as soon as I'm feeling better I'm donning an apron and cranking up The Judd's Christmas CD.
Gosh Darn - I'm sick.

And that is what I originally wanted to speak to you about - What's a girl like me to do in our new "hand-sanitizing -mask wearing" reality. I can't keep my hands out of mouth for 2 minutes let alone an entire trip to town. My whole thought process revolves around me chewing on my fingernail. I am doomed. I am the horrible example people speak of. I am going to have to become Mary-Louise Alcott - confined to my room, lowering gingerbread down to the neighbourhood children.

that's all I've got. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

cheer, Bev

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