Saturday, February 13, 2010

From inside the whale's belly

Holy mother its black in here. The only thing keeping me the slightest bit entertained, besides you of course, is the bright red exit light shining in my eyes. I'm so unhappy. How? - Why? - Gosh fearless entrepreneur, are you ok. (I can here you saying that). I'm fine - well perhaps a bit giddy. I am after all laying here in the pitch black dark with 14 people who could be described as mostly strangers to me. I am supposed to be going to sleep. Listen, right now there are 2 distinct snoring voices echoing through this cavernous wonderland. And all of this action is taking place in a peaceful mountain village. I realize this sounds more like a Nancy Drew novel and not the opening volley of a crafting blog, but....

I'm on location. Yes, the Black Ink papermobile is bringing the love to Banff. Of course the budget is so small I'm shacked up in the town's Boy Scout hall with the above mentioned strangers. How you ask? Well, in a nutshell it goes like this..... Amy went on an guided ice walk today (because of the location it became an overnight 4-H activity) and to round out the day's fun I agreed to teach the club a workshop on cardmaking. Honestly, you can incorporate a selling opportunity into almost any situation. So here we are - in the above mentioned building, with the above mentioned people. Which brings us to now. The people are fine. The setup - just about my second worst nightmare. This place was not intended for this type of interaction and group sleeping is just dirty wrong. For God sake, I'm an artist. I need privacy and a place to sit my dp.

Would you like a couple of pics of some cards I've made or should we just sit here quietly and try not to dwell on having to pee. I choose cards and considering just how much I fear rejection, that should demonstrate my level of desperation. The cards were made using October Afternoon's - Farm Fresh line. This release continues to be one of the most popular with my peeps. HOLD UP, someones walking around with a flashlight. Could it be my faux, lover Bill, here to find me or perhaps its the troop leader coming to speak to me about the faint light and the gentle tapping coming from this side of the great big damn room. I'll quickly go and fetch the cards.

good news, only 7 hours until morning

cheers, Bev


  1. oh my gosh I love your cards...the cow one is so freaking cute...sounds like an adventure..have fun.

  2. Love your writing style Bev, it's fun reading your blogs. I feel like I completely understand your situations when you describe them. :)

  3. Welcome back to the light. You are a brave woman and very devoted mother to endure such an adventure. Great card pics, keep those creative juices flowing....

  4. What a hoot! Can I go too next time? .... I would like to order a package of "Farm Fresh" cards please. :)

  5. My favorite sentence is ... "I choose cards and considering just how much I fear rejection, that should demonstrate my level of desperation." Still laughing over that one. :)

  6. Remember that song..."Call Me!"? Was that Madonna, Cyndi Lawper or that skinny chick with the shaved head? Anyway, I need a "MOM! IT'S BEV!" fix. What are you doing right now? Call Me!!!