Thursday, June 10, 2010

The maternal wave of sunshine has left Miss Esteem looking for her self......

and that is all there is to say about that....except maybe, never underestimate the elderly.

sorry it has been so long. I post every day - in my head. If I could plug a internet connection directly in my brain you all would be in for some serious entertainment.

I have amazing ladies come to the shop. maybe all ladies are amazing but i think not. new ones, familiar ones.... I can't tell you how wonderful it feels. it scares the shit out of me but that is all part of my wonderland. I watch them go about the shop, amazed by their creative might. i want to be like them. inspiration in human form. thank you for coming.

and thank you for reading the blog. let me apologize for my frequent and painful misuse of the comma and my general attack on my mother tongue. a sweet lady named wendy wrote about the blog and her recent visit to the shop. holy mother, that was cool. the response to the envelope book has been lovely. I have a recipe book and a birthday book almost ready for inspection. posting projects is like handing someone a gun and asking them to shoot you. It's a leap of faith i'm very uncomfortable with. but one must grow

ending on a rather soppy note, aren't i. I will endeavor to blog more often. I certainly appreciate my daily reads and marvel at the commitment it takes to keep a blog fresh and updated.

cheers, bev


  1. Do you have any photos of "Maternal Wave of Sunshine" to share with us?

  2. Now that's a title!! ;) Hope all has returned to normal.

  3. Went to Charlotte Lane for lunch. Saw my favorite pottery teacher there. She is going to Paris in August. Maybe she'll ask me to go too!

  4. Good morning....Fireman's Bazaar (or Pizaar as Jake used to call it) is tomorrow night. Can you come home for the weekend?