Sunday, June 20, 2010

on being a super model.....

I forget, did i mention I'm a supermodel and fabulously rich. My tiny clothes are often so loose i am forced to cinch myself in. Not everyone is aware of these little info nuggets. I suppose it's not immediately apparent when you see me. i don't like to show off. The chub, the national geographic body and 900sq ft farmhouse are a ruse. Now that you know, don't hate me.

well, I'm glad that's off my chest. I'm in the car, driving speedy quick to the capital. I think we'll go to the antique mall, costco and Fort Edmonton. We are staying over at the bff's. we'll probably spend the night talking about how pretty we are.

i'm not high or anything. I'm just listening to gaga and all that foolishness has gone to my head. yes, lady gaga. we all have our dirty little secrets. i'm talking about all you twilight readers.

should we talk about the shop. i've probably lost all the crafty readers by now. just the morbidly curious are hanging on. i had a pretty exciting saturday. I was representing at the farmer's market. i love, love, love going. people walk past the table, so serious and then when you smile and say hi. they light up like a christmas tree. Except the kids and old women, sometimes they're hard nuts to crack. They're wary, and really there's nothing wrong with that. I meet such interesting peeps. i think i lead a extremely sheltered life - people flit around the country in their slide-outs. my brain could not under any circumstances handle that much stimuli.

after the market i had ladies from away visit the shop. more creative, globe-trotting chicks. i met my mam's success quota and spent the rest of the day feeling groovy

got to run. the city awaits. i'll endeavor to post something crafty tomorrow


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