Monday, January 3, 2011

i've got dirt to scratch and eggs to lay........

and so it begins - a new year - a new set of impossible expectations. i for one love it - starting things and then disappointing is one of my specialities. i thrive in no-win environments. but let's not give away the ending before the show has begun.

the RESOLUTION. there it stands, an irresistible temptation.. it beckons and you can't help but be seduced. whether it be secret resolve or public declaration, you announce your intentions

and so i come to you with list in hand and eager to proceed. my many pledges include...
- learn to use my camera
- gain weight
- discover i am talented embroiderer
- swear more
- be fearless

my 2011 motto comes courtesy of my dear friend eminem who often says to me "it's time to pull your dick out the dirt and go (bad word) the whole universe"

and trust me, he means that in the nicest possible way. so let's go.

these little notebooks were made by simply covering small composition books and adding a few accessories. they are quite plain and the stitching on the one is truly atrocious but it is what it is and i was in a hurry and the sewing machine wasn't working. i think jane (the cat) did a good job posing. you can purchase the note books at the dollarama for the low price of 4 for $1.00. or if you're truly desperate, i have a couple that i will sell you for a slightly inflated price. i used the new, october afternoon line - modern homemaker. it is so incredibly yummy that i think i peed my pants a bit when i first laid eyes on it. it is available along with all its irresistible sundries at the store.

which provides me with a nice segue for the following. i'm giving away (yes that's me, beautiful and generous) a modern homemaker 8 x 8 paper pad. all you have to do is leave a comment or if you're shy, an e-mail and say something nice. the nice comment doesn't necessarily have to be about me - but i'm just saying... then i will randomly draw a winner and announce it next monday(10th) you have until sunday(9th) midnight to enter and i don't care how many time you do it. i'll then collect your info and it will be dispatched to you forthwith. here's the prize


so ta ta my pretties. hope to hear from you. be back soon


  1. Bevy is the best blogger and friend on the face of the computer earth.

  2. I think I'm in the lead to win so far...isn't that right dear, sweet Bevy, old friend, good pal of mine.

  3. that was alot of reading for me , but , i did it for my wifes bff. same grammar as the

  4. .... and the winner is??????